13 Jul 2012

Logo, website, shop - GO!

So those of you paying attention may have noticed my new logo appear on the banner image for the blog:
Before the craft show I decided to give Polly Purl a little face lift, a new logo for a new start!
Also a new webpage www.pollypurl.co.uk - check it out and let me know what you think. But please don't be too harsh as it takes so much time and patience to just do the simplest thing on that darn website!
I am working on a 'design your own' page- to offer customised jumpers and cardigans in your chosen fair isle and colours! Once it's set up it should be fun but I am sure it will be painful to get there!
And finally my Etsy shop is now up to date- 'at last' I hear you say. All my stock up to now is there so take a look http://www.etsy.com/shop/Pollypurl
I am already working on Autumn/Winter stuff so who knows how long this up to date version will last!

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