30 Nov 2011

Check me out - hot water bottle covers

November is here and it is so cold. It doesn't help that in our house the builders are here and we can't have the heating on. I find myself being drawn to the oven and hob and lamps- anything that gives out a slight amount of heat. I am dreaming of roaring fire's, duvet's, snuggling in layers of blankets and hot water bottle. Hot water bottles are something from my childhood. Something that was a real treat on a cold winter night, my mum tucking me in with the hot water bottle or even better - the hot water bottle heating the bed up before I even get in it. I also remember the down side of being burnt on the rubber which would just get too hot (I can't believe I am saying the words too hot!). I remember putting the hot water bottle away from me in bed and trying to get the heat from afar.  Well this was the inspiration behind my hot water bottle cover's, something to help prevent the burning and something that is pretty and make's a great gift (look out for hot water bottle shaped present under our tree this year).
To make them I thought about several ways I could make the opening. A few of my drawings below show some options I contemplated. But in the end the sac idea won out, it is slightly easier to knit but I just like the texture it gives the very flat hot water bottle.

Just check out Folksy to see my selection:

A few lovely hot water bottle's as well -

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