29 Sep 2011

Fun Fashion

Oh that machine - I think you would hear more swearing in a room full of knitter's than a room full of sailors. Sometimes I love the machine and sometimes I hate it - for instance today I almost finished a cushion cover before it all fell off the needles - I hated it! But then I got on and got some good stuff done this afternoon and I fell in love with my machine once again.

Some interesting things on the catwalk today -I am completely amazed and dazed by Manish Arora Spring 2012 show - beautiful use of colour and print and a really fun vibe.
Manish Arora Spring 2012 Ready-to-WearManish Arora Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Also some new blogs I found that are keeping me busy -
http://www.thenaturalfibre.co.uk/blog/4 - fibre fun
http://hjaltlandhalo.blogspot.com/- a modern Shetland mill's blog - Jamieson & smith

ohhh I want to go! 

27 Sep 2011


Tuesday used to be just another day in the middle of the week, now it is just another day in the middle of my business. All the days are melding into one at the moment - all one long day in this room. Everything is set up in the room now, for those who don't believe see pictures below (J). The machine is right underneath the window so it gets the sun when there is some. Today was a sunny day and it was too hot by the window by midday. I was worried about getting knitter's arm - where one of my arm's get a tan from being in the sun. Today was sleeve's, two sleeves completed. Next I need to get buttons to complete the button stand- so the cardigan isn't finished today.

I tried using Mylar sheets in the machine for the first time today. Mylar is a plastic sheet which you can draw a pattern/picture on to, this is then fed into the machine and the machine picks up the image and helps you knit it. However it was a fail, I didn't have the right pen so the machine didn't pick up what I drew. I've ordered a pen off the BSK Ebay site so hopefully it will turn up this week and I can try again, I will crack it so I can knit pattern's faster!

Hopefully I am going to pick up the other knitting machine (KH260) this week with the help of my lovely assistant - Mama. I will be really fun once it arrive's as I can start on all my chunky yarns I have saved up - any chunky requests? 
Lastly I found a great Etsy site and blog of another knitter/crafter in St. Helens. She also has Multiple Myeloma and talks about how crafting helps her through. Get reading -: http://www.etsy.com/listing/59561297/elf-christmas-stocking-knitting-pattern?ref=sc_1

26 Sep 2011

My New Studio/Office space

I am finally all set up in my new studio/office space. I love it - it has everything I need to be a success so it's all down to me now! My machine is set up by the window at the moment and I have two desks- one for office/sewing machine and a tall one for drawing and pattern cutting. I am a very lucky girl!
Last night I also won a bidding war on a Brother Chunky KH260 Knitting machine - woohoo!It comes with the ribber attachment so I can start with some lovely chunky jumpers and scarves - maybe some cushion covers. Can't wait to get it - I will post some pictures as soon as it arrives.
I am still on the look out for a Hague Linker to help with the sewing together of pieces - a job I really hate! Hopefully I can pick one up soon to help finish a Cardigan I am in the middle of.
I have lots of jobs, research and studying to be getting on with this week - a busy week hopefully with some good outcomes!
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