26 Sep 2011

My New Studio/Office space

I am finally all set up in my new studio/office space. I love it - it has everything I need to be a success so it's all down to me now! My machine is set up by the window at the moment and I have two desks- one for office/sewing machine and a tall one for drawing and pattern cutting. I am a very lucky girl!
Last night I also won a bidding war on a Brother Chunky KH260 Knitting machine - woohoo!It comes with the ribber attachment so I can start with some lovely chunky jumpers and scarves - maybe some cushion covers. Can't wait to get it - I will post some pictures as soon as it arrives.
I am still on the look out for a Hague Linker to help with the sewing together of pieces - a job I really hate! Hopefully I can pick one up soon to help finish a Cardigan I am in the middle of.
I have lots of jobs, research and studying to be getting on with this week - a busy week hopefully with some good outcomes!


  1. you knit girl - let me know when you are taking paying orders, and I'll put mine in.

  2. Photos!!! I want photographic evidence!!! (in yoru spare time of course)


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