21 Jun 2012

A grand return

This weekend Polly Purl was lucky enough to show at the contemporary crafty fair in Devon. An amazing show with 160 designer/makers selling their wares over 3 days. 

So to catch you up on all that has been going on.....
Pre-market it was this scary big cloud hanging over me,  a big step up from the little one day markets I had done before Christmas. But there was no turning back from it and it hurtled towards me, giving me no time to stop and worry. I unfortunately stopped blogging so you will have to take my word for all of this but I am sure anyone who was around could tell you just how stressed I was.

Of course in hindsight I see that stressing was helping no-one, unfortunately I wanted everything to be perfect. I was working on Shetland jumpers and cardigans with fair isle patterns on the shoulders, however this being June I was worried it would be one of those rare hot days we get during the summer. So I was also working with Merino and cotton. These I bought from a company called Yeoman Yarns and both were spun in Europe, although they are lovely yarns and got great compliments at the fair I don't think I will be using these again as I can not get full tractability of either. After the panic buying of these yarns I did some more research and found lots more information on British spun versions. But I think this is a topic for another blog as I still have lots of research to do.

I also had to worry about the layout, packaging and presentation, I didn't want to look out of place and I really wanted to help make my space feel luxurious -i.e expensive. So I roped the boyfriend into helping me make four small tables in varying heights and lengths. It was actually a lot of fun and we didn't fight too much! We managed to pick up some off cuts from B & Q for 50p each, these were then painted a dark walnut colour and we added detachable legs (the hardest thing by far was those darn detachable legs!)

My most lovely sister helped me out with the packaging, getting everything from leaflets (a really good idea) to bags and stickers with my logo on.

I fear this is already an overly long post so I will save the details of the fair for another day........

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