22 Jun 2012

Off to the Woolfest

Polly Purl, by that I mean myself and my mum, are off to the Wool fest today!!!! http://www.woolfest.co.uk/
It's my first time and I am so excited, to quote the website
 'Woolfest is a celebration of natural fibres, especially all aspects of wool, wool products and wool crafts'


I'm not just going to this for fun though, I hope to come back with many ideas and contacts to help me with my yarns for Winter. I would like to create and use something extra special for the new collection, a yarn that is British but also something that will sit well with my luxurious designs'- nothing too scratchy in other words. 

It is unfortunate and somewhat surprising that there was not much ethical and/or eco friendly materials being shown at the contemporary craft fair. It maybe seems that when people buy crafts they are less worried about the products being tainted with sweatshops, un-ethical farming or anything of the like. Yet I would say as a small business it is harder to go eco- with cost being such an issue and companies not being worried about losing your orders- I certainly feel the pressure to take the easy route. 

Below is an article about last years Wool fest, very interesting reading - 

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