2 Oct 2011

American Folk Art Museum - one place I really hope is around in the future - when I eventually get across the water to New York this will be on my list of place's to visit.

Some crazy fashion but thought it appropriate as the print has a bit of a folk art vibe to it - but the hair????
Maison Martin Margiela
Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

So things here are moving on a bit - got the new machine, it was a bit of a nightmare driving down there on one of the hottest days this year! Not got it set up as we need to get/make a table for it, that's on the list for tomorrow. At the moment I feel like I am out of the office as much as in it, this doesn't help to get things made! But I am moving on and hopefully getting a few things done this week.
As well as going for the knitting machine we also stopped off at Metropolitan yarns http://www.metropolitanmachineknitting.co.uk/ - stocked up on some yarns and picked up some books too. If anyone needs some good books on machine knitting I recommend Mary Weaver and Wendy Philips.

KA-8300 Brother transfer carriage - designed to help save time, just caused me headache's so far! 

We also picked up two new machines (carriages), unfortunately I can get neither to work on my machine. Not sure if they are broken or my machine just doesn't like them. I am going to play around with them a little bit more and see what happens. -

My first attempt at using my machine's pattern reader -

Can you tell what it is? In time for Halloween - a skeleton and skeleton dog!
The KH 950i machine has a setting to read my own drawings, it then helps to select the correct needles when I knit - saving me soo much time! The problem with the setting is the Mylar sheets - plastic sheets specifically designed to go into the knitting machine, they are hard to find and expensive as is the pen needed to draw on them. But anything to save some time!
The one above could still do with a bit of work and then it's ready for the hot water bottle cover!
I am awaiting some more yarns on Monday from Yeoman yarns http://www.yeoman-yarns.co.uk/, including lots of British! Very excitted.

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