24 Oct 2011

This week...

This week I was listening to -
Very fun and different listening. 

I was working on a round yoke fair isle cardigan, which is getting the better of me. The idea for the pattern came from one of Mary Weaver's book - I tweaked it for my own needs and decided to use the Forsell Superwash Yarn with the contrast as a high sheen acrylic. As my tension was so tight and the stitch's so small I couldn't fit the whole back on my machine so had to separate it out. The pattern consisted of less sewing up (which I hate) and more casting off on waste yarn and picking up again. All was going ok and I got the back and both sleeves knitted up - attached one sleeve and back together fine and then attached the other sleeve on the wrong side! Arghhhhh - Having to unravel all the fair isle I had been working on was torture! And then trying to get it back on the machine - I am ashamed to say I gave up. I will try again but I think I need to move on to something easier to help get things going. (Pictures will follow)
So I started to design and make socks - I got the clever comfort and elastic yarns from Yeoman to try out with the Space dyed yarn. So I am Sockward bound now.........

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