2 Dec 2011

On the first day of Christmas.....

My knitting machine gave to me a Christmas Jumper!

'Oh I didn't see you there, yeah I'm just relaxing in my Christmas Jumper' -

Check out the jumper at this site - I love it, going to have to try to make it for my Christmas day!

This week I just can't help myself - it's Christmas time and I have no time to put up the decorations yet but I can still listen and dream of a white Christmas! 

I wonder if I can convience the family to all dress in red velvet and white fur this Christmas? 

PS- I have booked Polly Purl in for an extra weekend of the Craft Fair at Croxteth Hall - this Sunday the 4th. Come along if you're free, it's a Victorian themed day so we have to dress up, should be fun.

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