7 Dec 2011

What's all this Craft Business...

Great Post on the Crafty Network by a local (local to me - Chesire) Crafter, can't wait to follow the 'this crafty business' - sounds right up my street!
They also have some great tips and advice pages.

I'm still learning so much and things are going so quickly in the craft business world (it is Christmas after all), it's hard to get my head around it and keep it all in there. I would say this is one of those things that you have to do it to learn it! From setting up the blog to selling at the craft fairs so much has happened! The good things are the blog, which I am really enjoying writing, meeting people at the craft fairs and seeing people liking your work. The hard things so far have been selling online (how to get people to see your stuff over everyone else's) and picking the right craft fairs. And the bad things ...... there haven't been many of these I can think of thank goodness! Don't get me wrong I have made many, many mistakes but I have enjoyed almost everything I have done and definitely learned from everything.

There have been some things I would have done differently
1. I shouldn't have worried so much about which craft fairs to do- I should have just done as many as I could from the big to the small and then I could decide which ones were the best.
2. Selling online takes a lot of time and needs organisation - something I am lacking at the moment, I should stick to admin Monday and maybe add admin Saturday and Sunday too
3. Stop being shy, get out there!
4. When handing out business cards be ready to optimism the blog/folksy views I might get from this- I am kicking myself about this one

I must say though I am still enjoying it and that is what I love about this crafty business!!!!

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  1. These work are amazing. Very artistic and unique. Many can get inspiration from these designs.You have done amazing job.


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