12 Jan 2012

Check it out - bespoke knitwear

Finally, after much work and even more time putting off the work, the bespoke page is up!!!! WooHoo! Custom knitwear order's should come flowing in now..... well maybe a trickle at least.
I have been meaning to put the bespoke page up since before Christmas but it has just been put to the back burner again and again as these things do. But tonight it was this or to face writing some financial pages of the business plan, the Photoshop fun won out of course! And another great thing is that I managed to change the page layout on the separate pages, anyone wondering about this can find help here - http://www.bloggersentral.com/2010/02/apply-different-layoutstyling-to-static.html

Since things have calmed down after Christmas (was that only three weeks ago?) I have been getting back into work slowly but this week I have been pushing myself more. Writing the business plan up in a nice way that everyone can read instead of as scribbles in my note pad is high up on the list for the week. Also this week I got on my knitting machine and created samples - oh happy days! I love creating samples, just to sit down at the machine with a vague idea of what I want and mess around (although it is of course a lot more serious than that!). But I think my favorite task this week is starting to design, I'm working on some spring/summer stuff at the moment and taking some inspiration from below -

See the link between the two?

I have a lot to think about at the moment - yarns, manufacturing, where I want my garments to go? But if I get stressed at least I have my knitting machine to pick me up again (sometime's).

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