5 Jan 2012

Wolf Boyfriend Jumper (hoooowl)

Sooo the craft fair's finished and Christmas and New Year came and went and I stopped writing new blog post's but I'm back!!!!
Below is the wolf jumper I made for my boyfriend for a Christmas present - the basic block was just a plain drop shoulder jumper with a 2x2 rib. The yarn was navy 100% wool from Forsel. I decided to make the wolf an intersia pattern so I didn't have to worry about floats at the back but this turned out to be a complete pain! I first kept setting the machine wrong and so it must have fallen off the machine three times before I realised it was my fault and changed the settings. Then the pain of following the chart and trying knitting about 100 rows of the pattern. I am glad I added two greys in the moon as it looks good but it was so painful!
BF is in love with wolves and had asked for a wolf jumper - as he is a bit hard to please and I didn't want to get it wrong we worked on the design together. The wolf howling at the moon was off the internet and this I translated into a graph for knitting. However I should have realised that the image needed elongating as it would get a bit squashed when knitted. Lesson learnt anyway and he likes it.
Anyone else want a custom jumper?

I had a lovely break over Christmas and have come back ready to knit my ass off! 


  1. Fantastic ! Even better on the boy! Good one Pol ! xxx

  2. Fa-bu-lous!!! I think that should be the launch pad for your fall collection!! And good eye Rhys (in jumpers and women).


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