28 Mar 2011

Investigating if traditional knitwear can be produced using modern mass production methods

Master's Idea -
The more traditional styles within knitwear differ from country to country. This was in response to direct and specific requirements, in some case's this was the garment design, the yarn used or even the texture within the knit. With the introduction of mass production methods these difference's have mainly been lost. It is now quicker, easier and cheaper to produce knitwear in China that will travel all over the world. A generation of knitwear wearer's are now unaware of the difference's in traditional knitwear from their countries compared to any other. We now have a collective 'world style' within knitwear, this is usually the easiest styles and textures that can be made through mass production.
In the future can we look at re-gaining the separation of knitwear styles between countries and see more of traditional textures. This could mean re-introducing knitwear production into countries like Britain, which would reduce the production capacity within factories and create more of a distinctive style. However can the traditional textures and styles be reproduce in modern production? Can this be done in a intelligent and modern way to produce garments that work for today?


Something to do with knitwear being a women's craft and if this is outdated in modern times.....Does knitwear hold women back because it is an outdated craft?

What ya' think?


  1. Well! You sound more 'passionate' about the first one (2 paragraphs vs. 2 lines) but I'd read either one with rapt attention (not just because it's written by you!). I think I'd want to do the research on the 2nd one more but then...that's more my area of interest and it's not my thesis is it?!

  2. I like the first one - while the second is relevant it's straight-forward. The first sounds like something that no one may have thought about before and may be more interesting to non-specialists. Also, it may lead more directly to a job at the end of it. It has great potential for partnering with companies.

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback guys - the thing is this is a propsal idea for a project - I think I am over complicating it. We shall see.... xx


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