13 Mar 2011

Knitting, rugby and knitting

This weekend I have been working on 3 of my 5 projects I have on the go. I heard of this idea of having 5 projects on the go from my Mum, who got it from a pod cast. The idea being to have 5 projects on the go to swap and change when you get bored or for different time's. My 5 are -
Baby blanket for my niece,
Jumper for my brother,
Crochet blanket for me,
Cardigan for my Boyfriend, 
and patchwork hanging for my sister in law.
As they are all in different stages and in different techniques this stops me getting bored with just one project and I can pick up something at anytime - when I'm taveling, when I'm watching TV or when I am too tired to concentrate. I have a project for each day of the week and the weekend is a mixture if I want.
This weekend was a big push on the baby blanket, getting a good amount of block's finished, unfortunatly finishing off my yarn in the process - awaiting some more in post. Also getting a few lines on the crochet blanket done and seaming my brother's jumper. And in between all of that was the rugby.... I'm not a huge fan of all rugby but I like a bit of international and not just for the boys in their tight shirt's!
My traveling partner - the crochet blanket
Baby blanket on saturday morning
Baby blanket on Sunday


  1. In case you missed it: woohoo! :)

  2. Wooohoooo! Indeed..... I will not be posting about the jumper or blanket anymore though. Maybe I can still surprise. x


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