10 Mar 2011

Last Night I Dyed

Last night I raced home to dye up a few hanks of baby Alpaca lace. I had bought three hanks of undyed yarn a couple months back meaning to dye it up, I of course didn't. It came from a great website called Fyberspates - it has a section of undyed yarns for sale for people who want to have a go at dying.
I rinsed them and lay them out on a bin linner on the floor. Then using Dylon mixtures and a sponge I space dyed them. It wasn't a huge success but I got three dyed skeins out of it, I think I need to do more research on dying yet.
Next up I will be trying out natural dying I think. Only problem is a don't have the space in my tiny flat....cue a lot of mess and a mad boyfriend. The things I do in pursuit of some nice yarn.

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