22 Nov 2011

Christmas craft fair!

I have been neglecting my blog of late - something much more important has come up...
My first craft show!!!!
So excited now it is almost here! On Saturday the gang will be heading down to Liverpool - 

My knitting machine needles have been on fire and half the time I have almost set them on fire! They never said machine knitting would be easy but many, many, many mistakes later I am finally getting there! Laid it all out tonight and seeing it may stop the recurring nightmare's. 
The Folksy website has been helpful with advice and stuff -

And I will be making a poster of the above picture to go up in my studio! Focusing has been really hard, especially having the studio in my home - popping downstairs for a cup of tea can be drawn out for a long time! 
And finally I wanted to share with you all the view from my knitting machine - 


  1. Do you listen to podcasts? That may allow you to 'talk' and make at the same time.

    Something good from this side of the pond is: This American Life. Excellent documentary series podcast.

  2. You bunting is winging it's way there- fingers and toes crossed that it makes it before Saturday- durned Canada Post!!!

  3. Thanks for the support you guys! Good advice on the podcast's - I hadn't thought of that. I listened to This American Life- good one but that episode was very difficult listening(Penn State).
    I really can't wait to see the bunting! So excited,

  4. Yeah ! Let's rock that fair Pol ! ! ! xxx


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