1 Nov 2011

Transfer Carriage among other things...

Today the builders are in and I can not reach my studio space so I am confined to the computer - I good thing really as I have been really bad with the posts of late. Last week I had a spurt of creativity and productivity and just couldn't bring myself to leave my machine for any time. In the post last week were some shade cards with JC Rennie yarns, such lovely colours and yarns. Glad I discovered this little gem - they are a Scottish mill producing all the yarns in Scotland, using green energy. They have a range of lambswool and cashmere mix's, it all looked so scrumptious! Check out the below
This weekend I was at the boyfriend's so that was gone and I still have not finished his cardigan off so that is added to the list of things to do, the list never seems to go down!

Also last weekend I headed off to a craft fair at Newton-le-Willows, very close to home. Unfortunately I was not selling but it was great to go along and show support. Some really lovely stuff but also a few odd stalls - non-alcoholic wine from all over the world at a local craft fair? I didn't take any pic's - sorry guys!

Just a little up date - the transfer carriage is working away like a star! I really love this little gadget, so simple yet saves me soo much time.

And finally an update on the colour changer - a little pattern a knocked up.


  1. The blue/green/grey combo in all the differing pattern sequences is very chic! I love the pocket ends on this scarf with their quirky dolls lined across them. The colour changer is a clever add-on enabling you to produce the firmer jacquard fabric for the pockets. I aspire ! !

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment -for other viewers out there the picture is just a swatch. Pictures of the scarf and other goodies I used this pattern on will be uploaded soon. x


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