27 Nov 2011

Success - or something like it

Yesterday was Polly Purl's first craft fair and we had a great time! It was so much hard work to get ready, all week we had been working our socks off (or working on the socks) but Friday night was still a mad rush. There was stress, sweat, tears and laughter (although it might have been manic). I found myself with all the pricing and labelling still to do by midnight on Friday, as this was something that required some nice handwriting I decided not to do it while I was half asleep. Instead we labelled and priced on Saturday after setting up at the market, this actually turned out to be OK as we had two hours to set up!
The Hope Street Market was lovely, I was pleasantly surprised as I had never been to that area of Liverpool before. Had lots of interest in the stall and managed to had out some business cards.
Learnt a lot too -
1. Don't stress - the worst case is either you don't sell anything or you sell out and both or not that bad
2. Think about the display more than just a passing moment- it's worth spending a bit on it if you plan to do a few fairs
3. Write down a few notes that can be used in your sales- I was incredibly nervous and surprised when people wanted to buy things!
4. Take some water and a snack that will pick you up at around 3pm when my energy completely dropped.
5. I think it's worth trying to get a good table-i.e turning up early, we were near the beginning and a lot of people said they wanted to look around before buying.
6. Each craft fair is worth it as I can learn something new and get people's reactions to my products.

A few pic's - a HUGE thank you to my sister-in-law Jenn for the lovely bunting

I am still recovering - my body just wanted to stay in bed all day today.

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  1. I can't believe we hung the banner around the slippery floor sign, but well done on your first market


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