2 Nov 2011

Socks, Socks, Socks

I got my socks pattern to work so at the end of last weeks I was completely absorbed in socks - the first sock is always so much fun and full of anticipation of what it will turn out like and then the second sock is boredom and rushing to move on to the next one's.

I will be adding the pattern for these very basic socks to my pattern page. The yarn used was from Yeoman yarns - the main is called Lux Kaleidoscope, it is a space dyed bright acrylic. I know what your thinking 'acrylic!' but they are super soft and hard wearing and come in these amazing colours - am I convincing anyone? I added the clever comfort stretch yarn to give the socks a really fitted feel. Mother has not had them off her feet so they must be comfortable! 

I also experimented with making booties - another success I felt! Check out the pictures below -

Next stop children's booties me thinks!


  1. Well done you!!! I love the stripey ones!!! Now on to 400 more pairs for the craft markets ( ;

  2. Mother finally released them to the washing machine. I can fess up now to abusing them in the machine rather than lovingly stroking them through spring stream water, as they came through with flying colours ! Great fit. Check! Comfortable feel. Check! Luscious to look at. Check ! No more shop bought production line numbers for these plates of meat! Thanks Pol xxx


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